The 3-4 Trail
Peter Beers
Updated: 10/9/2005

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I_MG_3341_3-n-4 I_MG_3342_3-n-4 I_MG_3350_3-n-4 I_MG_3351_3-n-4 I_MG_3356_3-n-4
I_MG_3341.jpg         I_MG_3342.jpg         I_MG_3350.jpg         I_MG_3351.jpg         I_MG_3356.jpg        
I_MG_3357_3-n-4 I_MG_3358_3-n-4 I_MG_3359_3-n-4 I_MG_3360_3-n-4 I_MG_3361_3-n-4
I_MG_3357.jpg         I_MG_3358.jpg         I_MG_3359.jpg         I_MG_3360.jpg         I_MG_3361.jpg        
I_MG_3362_3-n-4 I_MG_3363_3-n-4 I_MG_3364_3-n-4 I_MG_3365_3-n-4 I_MG_3366_3-n-4
I_MG_3362.jpg         I_MG_3363.jpg         I_MG_3364.jpg         I_MG_3365.jpg         I_MG_3366.jpg        

The 3 and 4 trail is a fun one. We did this as a warm down after two epic days. Unfortunately the back side of the trail is closed. The 3 trail goes across private land. For a long time it was open and the land owner didn't mind riders on it. As you can see by the 4th photo on the top row, it is pretty badly eroded. Enjoy the photos, but don't try this ride.