Moore Fun
Peter Beers
Updated: 10/9/2005

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Moore Fun is why you come to Fruita. There are lots of switchbacks on the way up and lots on the way down. There are plenty of rock stair steps to go up and down. There is plenty of challenge to this trial. If you're unsure of your skills, wear leg armor and elbow pads. The photos show some of the technical stuff. They don't come close to showing you how great the views are. Oh yeah... the views. They make all the work worth it.

Moore Fun has two different peaks on the ridge. The east peak has better views in my opinion. You can judge for yourself. I've ridden it twice from east to west and once from west to east. The former is my favorite, but both are fun.

Add this to loops. We usually do it early in the loop to make sure that we're fresh for all the rocks. Warm up on Rustler's, then hit Moore Fun. From there, you decide where to ride. Hit Handcuffs, Mary's and Horsethief Bench for a nice, long ride. You could also hit Mack Ridge for a ride that takes you to the west end of the park. From there the access road will take you back.