Mary's Loop
Peter Beers
Updated: 10/9/2005

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Mary's loop is one of the first trails that was done in this area. It is a mixture of doubletrack and singletrack and rides a circuit around the top of one of the ridges in the Kokopelli trail area. There isn't a lot of technical challenge, but it sure is fun on a single speed. It additionally connects some great trails for fun rides. Warm up on Rustlers, then hit mary's to Horse Thief Bench. Continue on Mary's to Handcuffs, then finish out on the access road or Moore Fun for a great 18-20 mile loop.

The views from Mary's are great. It'll make you want to ride Horsethief and Handcuffs for sure. You don't really go this area to ride Mary's loop. You do, however want to ride Mary's loop to get you to all the other trails you want to ride. It is fun.