Lions Loop
Peter Beers
Updated: 10/9/2005

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Lions Loop is a tough one for me. I can see that it is a cool trail and one that could be fun. As it works out, I always seem to ride it when I'm hurting badly after a really long ride. It hasn't helped that most recently the trail was in HORRIBLE shape after it had been used by cows to get from pasture to pasture while it was muddy. It was a freaking mine field in April of 2005.

Lions has some nice narrow, rocky sections that are fun. There are some spots where it is basically a crappy bit of double track that you should only use if you're too tired to ride Troybuilt down. The section from the west end of Mack Ridge down to the parking lot is no fun at all. Don't bother unless you just don't have enough gas to make it down Troybuilt.

In the end, Lions Loop can be fun and is GREAT for connecting trails into loops.