Zippedy Doo Dah
Peter Beers
Updated: 10/9/2005

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Zippedy Doo Dah is the reason why you come to the 18 road to ride. All the other trails out here (except for maybe The Edge) are just warm-ups and practice for riding Zippedy. It is broken up into three sections. Upper, Lower and Zippedy West. All three are fun, though Zippedy West involves the "C" word (you know.... CLIMBING). The trail is narrow and steep in parts. I guarantee you that it is easier to ride down than it is to walk down. Don't even try this trail if you were freaked out by Joe's Ridge. Walking down the steeps does HUGE amounts of damage to the trail and really makes a mess for everyone else. If you enjoyed Joe's Ridge and want more and steeper, then Zippedy Doo Dah is for you. The trail isn't seriously technical. One of the drops has a little rocky section at the top that will get on your nerves. You can walk to just below the rocky spot and drop in from there. It isn't easier, it just lets your brain think it is easier.

You can get to the Upper part of Zippedy from Front Side or from Zippedy West. The first section has a nice ridge ride that is pretty narrow, but fun. Eventually you'll get to a dirt road. This is where you ride across and hit the lower section of Zippedy. When you hit the bottom of that, you can either take a left and get back to the lower parking area at the 18 road, or stay straight and ride another mile down the trail. That eventually turns right and heads west onto Zippedy West.

Zippedy West winds around on double track and eventually you'll see a sign and singletrack on the right. That climbs through a beautiful meadow (in the spring time... the rest of the year everything is brown) and climb up towards the top. You'll get to a split in the trail. The left split starts you up the climb towards the Edge Loop, the rigth split goes down into a gully and then up some gut busting switchbacks to the beginning of Upper Zippedy.

Have fun and keep the single track single!