Joe's Ridge
Peter Beers
Updated: 10/9/2005

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Joe's Ridge is a great trail all by itself. There are some short climbs and some dramatic drops. Joe's Ridge is even better because it links a few trails and gives people a taste of the drops before they go on to something steeper and tougher. The drops are steep, but they're not that steep. Someone with intermediate riding skills will have no trouble with these drops. The ridge ride is a good taste of some of the stuff you'll see on tougher trails (read Zippedy). That said, the drops are easier to ride down than walk down. That is true on other trails in the area too. It should also be said that walking down these trails is REALLY bad for the trails and the environment.

At the top of Prime Cut, take Frontside over to the start of Joe's ridge. You kind of have to wind through the camp ground, but it isn't too tough to find. at the bottom of Joe's ridge, you can go left, and catch Kessler up to the top of Joe's ridge for another run, or you can go right and hit the lower part of Zippedy.