18 Road Trails

The 18 Road or Book Cliffs is is a great place to get to know Fruita. We use it as a warm-up for other trails out there. Surely there is plenty to keep you busy for a day or two. There are some wonderful drops to ride, but my favorite trails are across the valley. By all means don't miss these trails. Just make sure that you also get to the Kokopelli and Lunch Loops areas.

In April of 2005, Jason and I rode the GPS tracks you see below. We started on Prime cut and ride up to Chutes and Ladders. We rode up Prime Cut a secont time and went over to Joe's Ridge. From there, we cut over to Kessler and rode up to do Joe's Ridge a second time. At the bottom of Joe's Ridge, we went right and hit Lower Zippedy Doo Dah. We kept straight and cought Zippedy West and climbed back up to the top of Zippedy. We then did Zippedy Doo Dah from top to bottom before heading back to the parking lot. That came out to under 22 miles with over 2500 feet of climbing.

The Rides

2.2 Miles
6-7 Miles
2 Miles (Mostly Downhill)
Intermediate with a few drops
6 miles for the whole loop


Map of the 18 Road

Map with elevation Profile


Parking area at the 18 road